Segment Synopsis

-+- Introductions -+-

The "early segment randomness" segment, where I get the hang of the Dees and updating a second comic along with my main one. While some main characters are introduced here, don't worry about anything if you skip it, I'll get around to re-introducing the characters as the comic goes by.

-+- Grand Champion -+-

The fight between Kexas and Karby in the Arena, along with silly randomness and where the whole Cake Fiasco truly started. Worth a read, since it is rather silly for what was supposed to be a big, serious event.

-+- Remodeling -+-

I think this is where the comic truly starts taking off on its own. Here is where the Studio Dees make a bold plan to raid King DeDeDe's safe for money to remodel. Naturally, this fails in an oh-so-spectacular way. But hey, at least the Thieves make a good showing, in all their cuteness.

-+- New Studio -+-

Kicked out of their old studio for not paying rent (and various thefts of scenery,) the Studio Dees need to find a new home, with the help of Kroby, second-in-command of the Puffball Super Secret Society. Gooey chaos ensues.

-+- Partner's in Crime -+-

Aile needs to get some new sponsors to get DDD News back on the air. But along the way, something evil happens. Well, as evil as Chatty-Dee can really be. I mean, he's just a dee. How bad can he be, really?

-+- Cuteness -+-

"Who's the cutest of Dream Land?" Channel DDD asks the world, and the chaos begins. And boy, did the chaos begin. Really, it's not a good idea to just announce to the world that you're back in action with something so big and attention grabbing like that. It throws everyone off, nothing really gets done, and the people expected to win don't.

-+- Silent Shenanigans -+-

There's a reason Channel DDD keeps him around, and it certainly isn't because he actually works there. His brand of weirdness provides them with hours of footage for their viewers, and hours of headaches for their boss. But really, why wouldn't they want such shenanigans?

-+- Dee Who? -+-

Just who is that dee? Which one are you talking about in particular? There are only, oh, an unknown number of them, all supposedly with the same name. Sanity seems to be non-existent with them as well. But who am I to talk about sanity anyway?

-+- Chatterbox -+-

Evil Waddle Dees? HAHAHAHAHA! Yeah, sure. They're doing things that they don't bother to explain, for reasons they don't mention, but because one works for DeDeDe and another does whatever he wants they get called "evil." Well, whatever. Just to be sure, I'll sick Silent on them. Good ol' Silent, he and I go way back.

-+- Melody -+-

So just what has this group of Dees been up to since I stole all their film? Not a whole lot, what a shocker. Guess I should give them something fun to do, and torture the crap out of Mela. I'm sure she absolutely LOVES all this attention.

-+- Milestone -+-

Celebrating a mark over here? What insanity is this? Oh, wait, it's me. That's right, though, this side-comic hit 1000 pages! And what do the Dees do about it? Well, pretty much the same thing. They're pretty unshakeable, these Dees. They'll keep right on keeping on until the end of the world.

-+- Cloudy Weather -+-

Psh, nobody cares about the weather here. It's a silly thing. I mean that seriously, the weather really never gets discussed during this at all. They seem more intent on following Cloud along and finding out what she's up to. Oh, wait...

-+- Spelunking -+-

Those are some really weird caves. Though, to be fair, what isn't weird on Pop Star? You'd think people would be used to it and not question it at this point, but no~, we gotta send in a team of dees to get to the bottom of it all. Like I'm gonna let that happen.

-+- The Great Cake War -+-