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Choose the first story! -

While "Introductions" has a while to go, since I have quite a few Dees for you to meet. But after that, we'll get into the first real chapter of the series. The question is, what do you want to see the Dees report on first?

Wait, why am I asking? Because that's how THIS comic is gonna roll. You are, after all, the LOYAL viewers, you should have a say in the programming you get to see. Very rarely will I take a chapter in my own hands, mostly for special milestones, like anniversary comics and things of the like.

A few rules for chapter suggestions, though:

#1: Nothing lewd or profane. I run a E-for-Everyone comic here. It's gonna stay that way.

#2: Nothing too destructive to the K.D.A. universe. Why? Whatever happens in either Kirby's Dream Adventures or here in Channel DDD News WILL affect the other comic. These two comics share a universe.

#3: If you have a certain crew you'd like to do the story, please explain why. I don't expect you to have a personal favorite just yet, as I haven't introduced them all yet, but I'd like to know why you'd want them in particular.

#4: Chapter lengths are still under my control. I'll try to keep them about the same length, but some stories may take longer.

#5: No Cameos. At least, not yet. This rule is subject to change.

And that's about it. Bring on the suggestions!


A story about the history of Kirby.

Posted @ May 29 2012 06:31 am

An inside scoop about the champion fight, Karby Vs. Kexas.

Edit: And showing the fight. Maybe talk to some audience members, some bet placing, ect.

Posted @ May 31 2012 09:35 pm

Agree with the guy comment on top of me

Posted @ Jun 16 2012 01:00 am