The Cast

The Reporting Crew

The main Channel DDD Dees anyone sees, since they work out of the studio.

Ven is one of the main broadcasting Dees, with a flair for getting all the information needed out in as little time as possible. While often the punching bag or fall guy for his co-anchor's antics, Ven still maintains a very calm, controlled and professional attitude. He's still just a normal Dee though.


Garli's one of the main broadcasting Dees, with a flair for dramatics and making almost any story interesting. An avid worshiper of cake, she will beat down anyone who even slightly insults it. An energetic and excitable Dee, Garli has a tendency to get herself in hot water.


Aile's in charge of the studio, handling just about everything and bossing others around. She tends to be a no-nonsense kind of Dee, though she's easily persuaded when offered some money. Being a long time client of the P.S.S.S. has given her an inflated sense of importance. A lot of Dees just ignore her.


The older brother of the Studio Dees Pair, Quip tends to handle the physical sets and lighting, making sure every thing looks right for when it finally goes on camera. A former Minion Dee, Quip doesn't like talking about his past very much.

The younger brother of the Studio Dees Pair, Rash focuses more on the electronics and wiring, all the things that make the studio work behind the scenes. A former Minion Dee like his brother, Rash is very vocal about his support for King DeDeDe. The other Dees tone him out when he starts to get "preachy."

Silent is silent. Silent is always watching. Silent is very silly. Silent has amazing bad-ass potential. Silent-Dee simply is. He's also an incredible gossip, and never shuts up.

"Real or Not?" Crew

They ferret out information on whatever story currently catches their attention. With all the Dees on Pop Star, they're easy to miss.


Mela heads up this small, rag-tag crew of information gathering Dees. She's a bit of a sour-puss, and far from the friendliest of Dees, so how she's the leader is a mystery. As her name would suggest, she's quite a melodious Dee, and has (apparently) the best singing voice of all the Dees.

Cherry's a bit of a tech geek, he maintains all the gear that the Real or Not crew uses. Another anti-social Dee in a group of information getters, he'll often sit back on his own, with the only conversation held with his gadgets.

The odd-ball, super-social Dee in a more subtle group, Minty is a people's person people's person. She's more likely to talk to others to get information than study something else. She has a tendency to get on Mela's nerves, since she never shuts up.

Nosy somehow always KNOWS what's what. He's always well informed, he always knows what others are up to, even if he hasn't talked to them in a while. When something gets his attention, he'll sit there and study it for as long as his heart desires. A bit shy when around non-Dees.

The Documentary Crew

They do the in-depth filming and interviewing on people and places for our benefit. And to prove DeDeDe's an idiot.


Leli's the laid-back head of the Documentary Crew, preferring to let problems in her crew solve themselves rather than tackle them head-on. She likes to sit down with people her crew are covering, questioning them until she knows their every secret. Or at least, those they're willing to share.

Lemon takes it on herself to bring order and justice to the crew. Her hard-ball approach has her handling locations and wildlife more than people when the crew are somewhere. Lemon takes pride in her pure yellow color for some odd reason.


Apri's one of the two specialized camera crew members tied to the Documentary Crew. She prides herself on taking wide-angled, panoramic shots, getting as much as she can on screen. She's often competing with Blude. When not busy, her favorite hobby is napping in odd locations.


Blude's the other specialized camera crew member tied to the Documentary Crew. He loves all the fine details his camera can grab, often showing something that other cameras would miss entirely. He's often competing with Apri. When on break, he tinkers with his camera, trying to improve its performance.

Rock's the editor of the Crew, combining all the film and audio data on his portable laptop to send back to the Studio. His job keeps him incredibly busy, sometimes causing him to fall asleep right where he's sitting. Despite the name, he's quite squishy.

The Sports Team

There are a lot of sporting events in Dream Land, and this crew knows what they're talking about.


Lelade's in charge of the Sports Team, and has a hands-on approach to any and all sporting events. If something new comes out, or the rules have changed on something else, he has to take part at least once. He can get a bit frustrated at times with the rest of his crew, but they know it's just the way he shows how much he cares.

Zip spends most of his time talking to players and fans, getting their thoughts and feelings about what's going on. An avid fan of the Yellow Dees baseball team.


Qwop also spends a lot of his time talking to players and fans, though he's a bit more professional about it. A massive Arena fan, he would worship the ground Kexas walks on if he wasn't deathly afraid of her.

Cloud's a Dee of few words, saying all that's absolutely necessary. However she's a wizard with a camera, able to get some amazing close-up action shots that leave the camera crew scratching their heads. Known by most as emotionless and cold, she shows her emotions to very few.

Other Dees

Not all Dees actually work for Channel DDD News, but some get caught up with them often enough that they're practically celebrities.


Ozzim is one of the dees who works for DeDeDe, and a somewhat important one, at that. He's much more than a generic guard or minion, but he's definitely not important enough to lead his own squad. He's often out on solo missions doing his duty to king and crown. He absolutely despises all the spear-wielding dees, and is almost always seen with a parasol.

Supposedly the most evil ball of evil concentrated into dee form. Chatty is grumpy, quiet, and not really all that nice. He's always working on some machination or another, rarely lets anyone know what's up with them, and seems to have something against the studio. He has an unfortunate history of having his plans foiled by Silent.

Credits and Legal

Now we're given credit to those hard workers, cause I'm no where near talented enough for half this crap.

The sprites and backgrounds I used were ripped from Kirby Super Star Ultra for the Nintendo DS. They're done by various people, to many to list fully. I've been getting newer rips from the Spriter's Resource lately. Gotta keep stocked, ya know.

Oh, and by the way, the sprites used in this comic are from a game made by HAL Industries and Nintendo. I didn't make 'em. I don't own them. Do not make either mad by selling this comic in any way, shape, or form. You do, I will hunt you down, and you'll have to answer to the lawsuit from both of 'em.