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Ah, the loyal Reporter Dees, risking life and limb to get a story on air. This comic is a tie-in with Kirby's Dream Adventure, so expect to see the same characters bouncing back and forth! Usually updates Daily. Crap happens. Scheduled Days Off: Week of AGDQ and of SGDQ.

» "First" Posts - Jun 09 2017 08:00 am
» Let's Plays staring me! - May 01 2015 08:53 pm
» "FIRST!" Posts... - Jul 27 2014 07:29 am
» New Updates Coming! - Apr 06 2013 01:24 pm
» Back in the swing of things! - Dec 31 2012 11:05 pm
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» I'm BAAAAAAAAAACK! - Jun 29 2012 06:15 pm
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Fandango - Pt.22
"First" Posts - Jun 09 2017 08:00 am

It's been a while since I had to chop one away, so remember, "First" posts will net you a week long ban. The second time I have to do it will be a month, and the third time you're just not talking on my comic any more.

I've mellowed into a slightly more benevolent iron-fisted dictator, so outside of the perma-ban, I'll probably downgrade and forget your previous infractions if you behave.

Let's Plays staring me! - May 01 2015 08:53 pm

So I have finally started to get into the whole "Let's Play" game. With very little knowledge of the programs used and things of the like, I'm jumping in cold, just like I did with my webcomic.

If any of you all are curious, you can find my videos on my Youtube channel.

Here's my current schedule for what's going on:

I Play - The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
-+ This series is an extended one, I'll be playing and recording it whenever I feel like. As an "I Play," this will be casual, more of a way for me to just talk things out and have a good time. I will only ever have ONE I Play going at a time, so unless I specifically say I'm taking an extended break, you'll have this to laugh at or ask me stuff.

Let's Play - Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic
-+ This is my first official Let's Play, and is currently planned to be recorded twice a week, Monday's and Thursdays, and it'll start going online May 4th, 2015. For semi-obvious reasons. As a Let's Play, I'll do more "serious" explaining and conversations, always pertaining to the game at hand. Episodes will be about 30 minutes long, give or take. Should make the series last an acceptable length of time. I have a restored content mod installed for this playthrough, so we'll both be experiencing some new things.

Let's Play - Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II - The Sith Lords
-+ I hope to start recording this game after I'm done with KotOR. Hope being the operative term, it's a REALLY buggy game, even with the restored content mod and bug fix patch installed. So while I have it on the docket, I make no promises.

Let's Play - Star Wars: The Old Republic
-+ This is an MMORPG, a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game, so it'll be a bit different from my other two Star Wars games. There are 8 character classes to chose from, split evenly into two factions. I'll let you decide what I'm going to do for the Let's Play of it. You all can decide one class per faction. You can always head here if you want specific class info, but I'll simplify it here.

Galactic Republic
Jedi Knight (Warrior)
Jedi Consular (Mage)
Trooper (Gunner)
Smuggler (Rogue)

Sith Empire
Sith Warrior (Warrior)
Sith Inquisitor (Mage)
Bounty Hunter (Gunner)
Imperial Agent (Rogue)

Classes that share the same archetype (Warrior, Mage, Gunner, Rogue) are pretty much the same, just with a different flavor about them. So for instance, while a Trooper and a Bounty Hunter may do things different graphically and with different equipment, they're the same class. So please, don't choose the same archetype for both factions.

I'll give you about a week to decide on what you'd like to see before closing that off. This is mostly 'cause I actually want to play the game some myself, and I don't necessarily want to do the same class for a personal playthrough and a recorded one.

How's that for a wall-of-text?

"FIRST!" Posts... - Jul 27 2014 07:29 am

I am getting sick and tired of these things popping up. This is getting out of hand, so instead, I'm coming up with a little punishment system. If I have to delete a first comment for anyone from this point on, not only is it getting deleted, you'll be getting a week-long ban from posting comments.

If I have to do it again, it'll be a month. The third time, you're perma-banned from commenting.

That's it. No ifs, ands or buts. No appeals. We should all learn to never annoy the Author-Doo.

New Updates Coming! - Apr 06 2013 01:24 pm

That's right, folks. I've figured out how to work my time around. So that means DDD News will once again start seeing updates!

Don't celebrate too soon, though! Updates will only be on Tuesday, Friday and Sunday from this point on, unless something happens that I can either squeeze in an extra update, or have to change the update schedule.

Why the change from a daily schedule? Well, I'm ordering a pen-tablet, and hope to one day have an actual hand-drawn comic posted here on Smackjeeves. ...What are you lookin' at me like that for? I can draw. I just need some more practice before I'm comfortable with putting something in comic/manga style format.

By the way, this update change won't affect Kirby's Dream Adventure in the least. It'll still be a daily sprite comic.

Back in the swing of things! - Dec 31 2012 11:05 pm

That's right. My comic focus is back in its proper slot, and I actually have a lot of good ideas running through my head. And just in time for the new year too!

So, get ready for a great year of comic making from me. For starters, the Dark Matter segments are starting on Kirby's Dream Adventure. That's right, SEGMENTS. There will be TWO whole segments with the same over-all theme. This will probably be the most serious segment that'll ever grace the comic, so enjoy it, and be surprised. I think you'll really like how it turns out. Expect the "Dark Matter Crisis" to take over a better part of the year.

You still want your chuckles and randomness? Fear not, for Channel DDD News is starting up once again, picking up where it left off! We still have a bit to go with the Championship Battle, but don't forget to leave an idea for a new segment over there. Remember, lots of chuckles and cuteness to balance out the dark seriousness.

So, just let me say, welcome to 2013 everyone, and get ready for a good year!

Lack of Updates - Sep 20 2012 04:22 pm

I'm sorry about this all. I know I haven't been updating anywhere near the amount I used to. I've just been so side-tracked of late, with my mind being everywhere but the comic. It happens. There's nothing I can do about it.

Is it because of the new comic? I doubt it. Is it because of the switch to a more segmented story rather than just pure randomness? I also doubt it. For some reason, I just cannot focus on the comic.

I will try to update, every now-and-then, when my attention comes around to the comic. Until them, I'm sorry, but I won't be posting anything.

I'm BAAAAAAAAAACK! - Jun 29 2012 06:15 pm

My break's over, I'm back into my stride with good, fresh ideas, and am ready to do some sprite comic making once again!

Make sure you tune in tomorrow.

Early Update - Jun 21 2012 04:22 pm

I know I said I'd update you Saturday, but I decided to do it today. I'm feelin' better, brain's a lot less scrambled, but still have no idea where I'm goin' with the comic. However, I will work on it over the next week, and definitely be back on June 30th, the next Saturday after this one.

Thanks for lettin' me take some time off. Here's to you, loyal fans! *raises mug*